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Natal/Soul $125 

This interpretation identifies personality strengths, life path challenges, the range of probable life experiences, and reveals your soul's desire for personal growth and transformation.  Session lasts up to 90 minutes.

Update/Solar Return $110

The solar system is in constant motion.  The current positions, at your birthday, are interpreted for new life experience triggers for the year.  Session lasts about an hour.

Relationship $197

This is for any two people who want detailed insight on relationship potentials: strengths and challenges.  Learn what increases intimacy; create emotional, mental, and spiritual bonds, how to use your natural skills to overcome challenging behaviors, and better understand yourself and your partner.  This session gets to the core of the relationship, reveals subconscious beliefs, and includes revealing emotional-mental communication challenges.

Dog/Horse $30

Understand behaviors, attitudes, and show potential of your pet. Session lasts about 30 minutes.


                                               Astrology Basics for Fun $200:  A 6-week class teaching the very basics of how to "read" a chart: Signs, Planets/luminaries, Houses, Major Aspects, and delineation.  Please ensure you can attend all classes as they build upon the previous. 

                                               Transits $100:  A 2-hour workshop on how to apply transits into your chart interpretation. (Prerequisite: working knowledge of astrology basics.)

                                               Solar Returns $120:  A 2-3 hour workshop on how to apply a " yearly update" interpretation for a chart.  (Prerequisite: working knowledge of astrology basics.)

Presentations on various topics are negotiated upon request.

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